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2 Firefighters killed in Wilmington DE fire
Saturday, September 24, 2016 
This morning our thoughts and prayers go out to the Wilmington Delaware Fire Dept. where two brother firefighters were tragically killed overnight while battling a house fire - From NBC10: Two Wilmington firefighters were killed and four injured when the first floor of a burning row home collapsed early Saturday morning. The fire broke out in a brick home along Lakeview Road in a development called Canby Park. Wilmington's Fire Chief Anthony Goode said the floors in the home were soft and brittle. When the floor caved, veteran firefighters Lt. Christopher Leach and Senior Firefighter Jerry Fickes, who were working the blaze from the basement, became trapped.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 
Around 4:30pm today Tower 63 was sent as part of the first alarm to the Ames Reese Co. on Old Philadelphia Pk. in Bird in Hand for a building fire. During the response it was reported that there was a roof fire at the site. Tower 63 arrived and took a spot on the D side of the building where the crew was assigned to the roof. The fire originally occurred inside a vent stack for a machine inside but had extended into the rubber roof and roof insulation requiring crews to cut away a large area of roof and expose the fire. Crews worked for about 1 hour. Engine 631 handled a crash in our area while the tower worked this fire

Drill Night - High Angle Drill
Monday, September 19, 2016 
This evening crews headed to the Greenfield Corporate Center to work on some rope rescue skills. The first scenario involved a "worker" on the 1st floor roof who was injured and required removal using the cradle assembly on Tower 63's bucket. The second scenario involved a "worker" who was electrocuted on the high roof and was in cardiac arrest and required a rope pick-off to be removed using the tower bucket as a high point and a 4:1 rig as the primary haul system. While scenarios like this do not occur often they do occur and it is our belief that this type of training and skill is part of operating a dedicated truck company so our personnel are drilled on this frequently.

Thursday, September 15, 2016 
September 11th 2001, 8:46am - "Battalion 1 to Manhattan, we just had a plane crash into the upper floors of the World Trade Center". With those words, life as we knew it was changed forever. In the hours to follow, a second plane would strike the second tower of the World Trade Center followed by a third plane crashing into the Pentagon in Washington DC, and finally, in rural Somerset County Pennsylvania a fourth plane crashed into a field, overthrown by American Heros sparing another high profile target somewhere. America's first responders sprung into action as they always have, responding to all 3 locations without concern for their own health and safety. Many lives were lost on 9/11, but many lives were also saved because of countless acts of bravery and heroism by first responders. But September 11th had other effects too, effects that are not as often spoken of. Following the attacks, people joined together and helped one another. For the first time in ages, the sense of community grew, neighbors met each other, and regardless of belief, race, gender, skin color, or background, people cared about other people. Firefighters, Police Officers, and EMS personnel were viewed as heroes as their communities and local governments rallied behind them with increased recognition, increased funding, new equipment and a renewed sense of respect. For those who were lost, families were left behind to pick up the pieces but the fire service brotherhood stood strong and vowed to Never Forget their sacrifices on that horrible day. So if you are reading this post, please think about the fact that if this same kind of thing happened today, anywhere in the United States, your first responders would spring into action without hesitation just like they did 15 years ago and put everything on the line to keep their communities safe. And please, NEVER FORGET the lives lost and changed on 9/11. We have attached some video links below if you wish to learn more about how 9/11 impacted the fire service:

FDNY - Men of Rescue 1 on 9/11
World Trade Center - New York City
   World Trade Center - New York City
The Pentagon - Washington DC
   The Pentagon - Washington DC
Tuesday, September 6, 2016 
Around 4:30 this afternoon, Company 63 was dispatched to assist Company 54 (Lampeter) on a 2-Alarm Garage-Outbuilding Fire. Engine's 1 and 3 made the response, and arrived to hold in man power staging while first in units worked on eqtinguishment. Due to a quick knock and multiple units on the scene, out services werent needed and crews returned to quarters about an hour later.

Monday, September 5, 2016 
Volunteers handle 11 calls for the holiday weekend so far, including multiple accidents and reported fires. Full rundown: Friday: -(1) Vehicle Accident Saturday: -(2) Public Service Calls -(1) Medical Assist -(1) Reported House Fire (Porch on fire) Sunday: -(2) Vehicle Accidents -(1) Reported Fire -(1) Investigation Today: -(1) Medical Assist -(1) Vehicle Accident

An accident on Sunday at Lincoln Highway East and N. Oakview Road. Crews performed a door removal and B-Post removal.
   An accident on Sunday at Lincoln Highway
      East and N. Oakview Road. Crews
      performed a door removal and B-Post
Accident at Lincoln Highway East and Old Philadelphia Pike.
   Accident at Lincoln Highway East and Old
      Philadelphia Pike.
Thursday, September 1, 2016 
The volunteers have just cleared the 400th call for the year and the 5th for the day. 400 times the pager and siren have sounded; 400 times our volunteers have left the dinner table, bed, church, work, and families to serve the residents of East Lampeter Township, Eastern Lancaster Township, and Northern West Lampeter Township with superior emergency services and we will keep it that way for many years to come. We'd like to thank the community we serve and the families of our members who support us doing this for our community. Interested in joining out team? Go to!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016 
Around 5:30PM this evening, Company 63 was dispatched to Tanger Outlets for a reported Building Fire with reports of something burning. Engine 41-1 (Bird-In-Hand) and Engine 63-1 caught a plug on the main drive while Truck 204 (Eden), Truck 05 (Strasburg) and Truck 63 laddered the building and went to the roof. All other units assisted in various areas or held in staging. Crews investigated for about 45 minutes before clearing, not finding a fire.

Truck 05 on the roof on side Alpha.
   Truck 05 on the roof on side Alpha.
Crews staging on the Alpha Side.
   Crews staging on the Alpha Side.
Monday, August 29, 2016 
Around 5:30 This Evening, Company 63 was dispatched to assist Company 48 (Ronks) with a fire at the KFC Restaurant in Rockvale Outlets. First arriving units found fire in a wall. Truck 63 arrived to ladder the building, vent the roof, and open up the wall from the exterior while Engine 48-2 and Tanker 62 knocked the fire. Units were on scene for about an hour.

Members from Truck 63 open up an exterior wall. Bob Devonshire Photo.
   Members from Truck 63 open up an
      exterior wall. Bob Devonshire Photo.
Friday, August 26, 2016 
Around 10AM this morning, Truck 63 was dispatched to the 2200 Block of Hampshire Ave. in East Lampeter Township as part of the initial dispatch for a dwelling fire. Chief 62 arrived to find a fully involved garage with the fire growing rapidly to the rest of house and neighbors house. The second alarm assignment was hit immediately. Truck 63 beached the front lawn, and worked the alpha side of the building, while truck 204 worked the charlie side.

Truck 63 Beachin' The Front Lawn to get to the roof on side alpha.
   Truck 63 Beachin' The Front Lawn to get
      to the roof on side alpha.
James Artz Photo.
   James Artz Photo.
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